Last updated: 1 May, 2022

Tube Thambi, Doorway to All the Youtube Channels from Auroville

Since August 2021, Tube Thambi Auroville has been an activity under Auroville Art Service. Our YouTube channel serves as a directory for over 100 Auroville YouTube channels, as well as a platform for original Auroville information and events. Tube Thambi Auroville also provides digital marketing support to various social enterprises within Auroville, through the use of professional software and global SEO techniques, all while preserving the integrity, vision and ideals of the community. Tube Thambi Auroville was inspired during meetings and workshops with the various communications groups in Auroville, prior to the first lock-down. . Tube Thambi Auroville is an attempt at organizing and strengthening the Auroville community's original content and brand IN REAL TIME vs. the content that is being created about Auroville by external groups, businesses and agencies. 

 Disclaimer: Tube Thambi Auroville does not necessarily reflect the views of the community as a whole