The Treasure of the Flame-Island
A present by Emanuele Scanziani, a long-time Aurovilian painter and draftsman, for Visitors of the Matrimandir, here guided by Papui and his little friends... a sweet fairy tale grounded in the reality of Auroville.
By Emanuele

"This story is a magical and initiatory journey into the Matrimandir and its gardens. It is depicting my 3 children characters, Papui, Elei and Sà in a silent journey of colors, forms and surprises... It is a different vision perspective of the Island given by the Golden Child Papui and SomethingElse.

Papui is having a stroll and he stops for a nap. When he wakes up he realises he's near a lotus pond and he goes to wash his face. From above, a hand of light comes to touch the water with its index finger and creates a whirl, which looks like the galaxy of Auroville. A butterfly of light comes and Papui follows it jumping on the stones that go over the river. After a passage through high lotuses, he reaches the bank of the river and there he meets two friends who lead him up some stairs and, oh surprise, lies before them a magnificent view over the Flame Island, the Matrimandir and its gardens. They start their initiation flying over the lake, the gardens, the Banyan tree, to enter the petals, the Matrimandir, to end up in the inner chamber where they concentrate for a while. They come out in the night, marveled by the experience."

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