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Library and Research Center

The Laboratory of Evolution

LOE lending LIBRARY, situated in Horizon, is open to Aurovilians, Newcomers, Volunteers, and Guests. They can find the complete works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother in many languages, and also books written by Ashram Disciples, Aurovilians, and documents on Auroville, as well CDs and DVDs related to Auroville (films and lectures). 

The research unit known as the Laboratory of Evolution began in 1984. The overall purpose of the unit was to be a center of documentation and training, with a dynamic focus on research done in Auroville concerning the further evolution of our human species, which Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have not only announced but have opened the way for. Focused on the evolutive vision and work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and on several related subjects, the library is a constant reminder that the whole earth itself is a “laboratory of evolution”:

  2. HEALTH. Anatomy, Healing, Nature Cure, Massage, Movements, Nutrition.
  3. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. Art, Education, History, Literature and Biography, Mythology, New Dimension, Psychology, Sociology.
  4. SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES. New Biology, Nature, New Physics, Psychology.
  5. TRADITIONS. Amerindian, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Tibetan, Zen.
  6. ESOTERISM. Alchemy, Egypt, Hermetism, Mysticism, Religions, Sufism, Yoga, West and East Master.

LOE Research

The Research aspect of the unit has developed steadily over the years. We are a team. On an ongoing basis, the unit is engaged in the following research work which is shared through meetings or workshops in French or English.

Research, Meetings and workshops by Namah in French and in English on:

  • Integral Yoga Sri Aurobindo and The Mother 
  • The planes of the Being: Mind, Vital, Physical, planes and the Psychic Being. A Psychology of Depth. Sri Aurobindo’s work.
  • Awakening of the body and Mind consciousness through different yoga techniques, concerning the development and the evolution of the being as a whole.
  • Essential and basic practices for better health, physical, mental vitality. Breathing – Prana – Flow of energy / Self-Observation – Inner introspection / Deep relaxation, an immersion in physical, emotional and mind letting go. 

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Research, Meetings and workshops by Dan in French and in English on: Integral Health, Intuitive Mind and Psychic Being, under the light of Sri Aurobindo and Mother's teachings.

  • On Integral Health: Compilation of documentation in the field of Integral Health, specifically on mental troubles and auto-immune diseases. How to address these illnesses from a more integrative approach? How are the different subtle bodies interconnected? To provide knowledge and practices on how to improve one’s health and well-being.
  • On correspondences between Intuitive Mind and Psychic Being: Researches on how Aurovilians attempt to abide by the Inner Quest which is supposed to be the basis of ‘To be a True Aurovilian.’ Interviews, compilation through a book, translation from English to French, etc.

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About the founder of the LOE in 1984:

Bhaga C. Gabriau was the founder of the LOE. She left her body in May 2022. She dedicated her life to Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s integral yoga in Auroville. She was known in many countries for her research on Human Evolution and Cell Consciousness. Her blog contains many documents and videos that could inspire people through her research and her understanding of Integral Yoga and Evolution.

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LOE Library is located at Horizon, in front of Sve-Dam community, inside Lorenzo Building (Food Lab and Quantum Lab)


Morning: Monday to Saturday 9 to 12 am

Afternoon: Monday – Wednesday – Friday 2:30 to 4:30 pm

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