Last updated: 10 Apr, 2024

Tatiana Tolochkova

Pitanga’s much loved hatha yoga teacher Tatiana Tolochkova left her body in JIPMER in the first hours of the New Year. She was 54 years old.

Tatiana first came to India in 2003, studying Iyengar Yoga in Pune. She continued to come to India each year to deepen her practice and work through the various levels of certification of yoga asanas. During a chance visit Auroville in 2004, accompanying other Russian yoga­ practitioner friends, she felt the call to come to Auroville. She made the step in 2007, along with her teenaged son, and ever since has been giving yoga classes at Pitanga.

Tatiana’s remains were cremated on January 6th at the Auroville cremation grounds.

An article about Tatiana and her work was published in issue the November 2011 issue (#268) of Auroville Today.

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