Last updated: 29 Dec, 2023

Tara Nayak

With sadness we inform the community of the passing of one of our young children, Tara Nayak, who in the evening of Tuesday 7 November had a lethal fall from the roof of Sunship. She was 12 years old.

Born in Delhi, Tara came in 2019 at the age of 8 with her mother Fakeera to Auroville, where she studied at TLC and in the later years at Deepanam. Due to her sweet and outgoing nature she made many friends and was very much loved. Auroville’s young children were deeply deeply moved by the accident when word of her passing went round the day after.

On Thursday 9th, Deepanam School had called for a ‘Prayers for Tara’ gathering at 8.30am, where children could be together in their grief, while chanting familiar mantras and prayers and lighting their candles for Tara. Directly after this, most of them spent their day at Farewell where Tara’s body had been laid out. When also family from Delhi arrived, all were together in coping with this shocking loss.

In the afternoon of the same day, Thursday 9 November, Tara’s remains were cremated at the Auroville cremation ground, with many children from various Auroville schools attending, - mourning and chanting, lovingly carrying the space and supporting Fakeera and each other.

You will be in our hearts forever, sweet Tara.

Our warmest condolences and strength go out to Fakeera and other members of the family, as well as to her many friends.


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