Last updated: 10 Apr, 2024

Sylvia Zimmerman

Sylvia Zimmerman, who lived in Surrender, passed away in the evening of February 4th.

Sylvia had come to join Auroville in 1999, after a long worldwide search and experiences in different spiritual places and communities. In Auroville, she said, she had finally found her home, a community with a sensible lifestyle and which cared for nature as well as for their residents. She also mentioned that she experienced that Aurovilians had never stopped trying to find improved ways of living together.

Sylvia had been teaching English and Meditation in the Life Education Center and Transition School, providing individual tuition as well. In the last two years she was also involved in caring for and entertaining Auroville’s elderly residents. Her smiling presence, her ability to talk in five different languages and her lively interest in innumerable things made her a wonderful companion for many. She was known to reveal a sense of gratitude, often for nothing in particular, but for Life as a whole.

Sylvia’s remains were buried at the Auroville Burial and Cremation Ground on February 5th.

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