Last updated: 3 Sep, 2023

Sumitra Manou

We regret to inform Auroville Community and band of friends the passing away of Mrs. Sumitra Manou in the morning of Saturday 12 August at Jipmer hospital due to her chronical health issues. She was 54.

Sumitra Manou (Veeralakshmi) hailing from a Gandhian family of Thengampudur, Nagercoil District.

She came to Auroville in 1990 as a trainee of a leadership camp and stayed at the old Ilaignarkal campus at Matrimandir Nursery. Then she stayed longer to explore Auroville, became Aurovilian and got trained in teaching pre-school children. Later she joined New Creation Kindergarten. Sumitra had a passion for cooking nutritive food in a traditional way and serving people happily.

She got married to J. Manou, the then executive of Auroville Electrical Service. He passed away in 2006. Sumitra got a house at Protection. After working for years at Aikiyam’s Kindergarten in New Creation, she joined Ilaignarkal Education Centre as a teacher for neo-literates and caretaker of Library & Assets. She became co-executive of Ilaignarkal Education Centre from 2010.

In the early afternoon of Sunday 13 August, her remains were buried at the Auroville cremation grounds, with many of her colleagues and friends attending.

Many of us will miss her beautiful smiles and quality hospitality. Let the Mother hold Sumitra in Her arms.

OM Shanti

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