Last updated: 30 Jul, 2021

Priya Sundaravalli

It’s only since 2000 that Priya started doing pottery as a hobby in addition to her teaching work at various Auroville schools. The hobby has meanwhile turned into a full-time occupation, with Priya gradually finding her own, very unique way.
"In my expression, I seek the unity of opposites – asymmetry and balance, chaos and harmony, imperfection and attention to detail. Texture and rhythm are essential elements to step out of the self and touch intangible qualities such as emptiness, silence, translucency, weightlessness and the vibratory fields of matter and light. My work seeks to celebrate the delight of living. Life’s qualities of abundance, generosity and hope fuel my creativity as does Nature – ocean, landscapes, and life forms. My creative process relies on spontaneity, moment-to-moment guidance, and serendipity. I work through hand-building techniques, primarily using stoneware clay with slips, glazes, stains and luster for decorative effects. The works are fired in a wood-fueled kiln at 1250 degree Celsius"