Last updated: 16 May, 2020

Paulette Hadnagy

Paulette Hadnagy first came to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and visited Auroville in 1973. Nurtured by the special atmosphere of some early sadhaks, thanks to a special permission of the Ashram Trust she lived for a few months with an attendant of the Mother. This everlasting awareness has moulded her approach to Yoga and subsequently to Auroville.

In 1977 she started cycling from Pondicherry to participate in the non-stop concreting on the roof of Matrimandir. After twelve years back and forth from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1985 she settled in Auroville, working for one year at the Matrimandir construction site. From 1986 to 1990 Paulette joined the Laboratory of Evolution/Centre for Human Unity; the outcome were six compilations on archival documents and Mother's statements on the town and Matrimandir. Funded with grants from the Government of India, they were distributed free to the community. She also displayed two large photographic exhibitions on the various layouts of the town.

A major theme of Paulette’s research is the psycho-physical transformation that follows Self-realisation (in Integral Yoga, the spiritual transformation), which she went on investigating for some ten years while touring ashrams. She never submitted this material for publication, though, being too advanced.

Paulette has authored seven books compiled from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Integral Yoga and the ideal society, along with three books of archival material and Mother’s statement on Auroville’s early years. She is presently working at a new book on the complete process of Integral Yoga and its triple transformations – psychic, spiritual and supramental.

She has displayed seventeen exhibitions of her photographs on Matrimandir and other Auroville subjects; and another seven on contemporary architecture and design as an inspiration to the town to be built.

Books by Paulette Hadnagy:

“At the Crossroads: the Evolution of the Spiritual Being”

“Immortal India – Towards the Ideal Society”


“The Gnostic Cycle—Towards the Supermind”


“Being of Gold – Our Goal of Self-Perfection”


“The Auroville Foundation Act and the Mother’s Guidelines: a Comparative Study”

 “Becoming One – The Psychology of Integral Yoga”

“Avatarhood – Human and Divine”


 “Sri Aurobindo – Compassionate Grace and Laughter”


“The New Being and the New Society”


“Interacting with UNESCO during the Mother’s Years”
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