Last updated: 2 Dec, 2021

New Matrimandir executive team

Dear Community, this is to announce the results of the selection
for the new Matrimandir executive team.

The new executives chosen for a 4-year term are:
• Antoine C. (Sunship)
• Divya K (Madhuca)
• John H. (MM Nursery)
• Judith R. (Grace)
• Sundar K. (Aspiration)

We took the enclosed picture during our meeting all together
on 26 November.
There were 19 people who volunteered to join the Matrimandir
executive team. After reviewing all the feedback
and input from the community on the applicants, we met
and interviewed each individually, with the exception of
one due to personal health reasons.
Afterwards the members of the selection committee met
together on 24th November and finalized the selection.
We thank all the members of the community who came
forward to participate in the process.
There will be a 4-month transition period for the new executives
to assume their duties and responsibilities at Matrimandir.
In that period they are expected to formulate a
4-year work plan which they will be following for the duration
of their term. We anticipate that all will go well and
that the team will be officially appointed by the FAMC on
1st April, 2022.
We wish the new executives all the best in this important
work on behalf of the community and hope we can all
come together in goodwill and collaboration for the next
phase of work in Matrimandir.
Matrimandir executive selection team
AV Council (Ganesh, Meenal, Sai Suresh, Shiva)
FAMC (Amy, Angelo, Marc)
Working Committee (Anu, Partha, Srimoyi)

(From News&Notes of 4/12/2021)