Matrigold is a small Auroville unit, which offers a Divine selection of hand crafted jewellery items, using the same technique as the golden skin of the Matrimandir.

The international artist Birgitta Volz designs all our collections and exquisite single pieces, which you cannot find anywhere else.

The MatriGold Showroom and Art Studio at the entrance of Sanjana Community can be visited on appointment.

Our Collection

Our main collections have modern geometrical shapes like Suns, Moons, Ovals, Squares or Triangles. We also have a wide range of asymmetrical single pieces, in which we upcycled the broken golden and coloured tiles from the Matrimandir.

We produce the full range of ladies' jewellery: bracelets, earrings, finger rings, pendants, chains, hairclips and sophisticated necklaces. For men we have tie holders, pendants and cufflinks.

Video: The Matrigold Studio

A unique range of artistic jewellery

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