Last updated: 13 Jul, 2023

Mallika of Kalpana

In the early morning of 24 June, Mallika of Kalpana left her body at the age of 86.

Mallika (Claude Leandre) was born in French Guyana in 1936. She grew up in France, living and working there until a chance viewing of a television program featuring Auroville called her to come and join in the “adventure of consciousness”.

In 1973, Mallika made the journey to Pondicherry and Auroville with her two young children, and taught French at both Auroville and the Ashram School for over a decade.

Officially joining Auroville in 1986, Mallika pursued studies in a variety of healing arts. With her ever-deepening exploration of the Integral Yoga and her special talent for quietly working on the subtle level, Mallika’s treatments benefitted countless Aurovilians over five decades.

Her dedication to Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s concepts of integral healing also made Mallika a valuable contributor to the establishment and development of various projects in Auroville’s health and healing sector, including Vérité, Quiet and Santé.

Mallika took a keen interest in the development of Matrimandir, supporting and participating in different aspects of work there over the years. She also maintained close connections at the Ashram, and always helped coordinate the Darshan day visits and tokens for Aurovilians.

Mallika’s other great love was for her children, Pascal, Abhipsa, and Subhadre, and their families. She delighted in being able to be actively engaged with her Auroville grandchildren, Samarpan, Sushant and Saindhavi, and also devoted herself to keeping a strong energetic bond with her family outside of Auroville.

Mallika’s small physical stature belied a huge spirit, full of youthful zest, humor, intelligence and care for the world and its future. Bon voyage to a remarkable woman whose presence will be greatly missed.


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