Last updated: 4 Nov, 2023

Lucas Posada

On 13 October, Colombian Lucas Posada arrived with his 10-year old son Salvador in Chennai to start his newcomer year in Auroville, while his wife and daughter would follow a month later. During the night journey to Auroville, their non-AV taxi collided with a trailer that cut into them. They were taken to JIPMER where Lucas was diagnosed with multiple injuries, punctured lung, fractured leg and hip, and head concussion.  The child was in shock but recovered when his mother Gloria, Lucas’s wife, arrived 24 hours later. 

During two weeks in ICU, while inwardly working on himself and receiving good energies and prayers from many friends, he seemed to make promising progress, was moved to a private room, flourishing in the care extended to him. And then, in the morning of 31 October, Lucas suffered cardiac arrest and passed away. He was 60 years old.

In his volunteer time here, Lucas had worked at Last School and Bharat Nivas while living at Serendipity, and had been in touch with many residents. He and Gloria were now coming back to officially start their newcomer process with son Salvador and their 14-year old daughter Gaia.

Lucas has been searching all his life, traveling the world as a teacher and artist. A few days before his passing, he mentioned in a moving first voice message to those who had been supporting him in their prayers: “I want to send to all those people that have been sending love and all those beautiful caring intensions…, I am so grateful, my family is so grateful…, this is precisely the reason that I always knew that I wanted to be in Auroville… I am very very grateful to everyone…”

We pay solemnly tribute to this open minded, tolerant and generous man who made in such short time span a deep and lasting impression on so many, and who wrote: “There is a deeper meaning to life and we need to re-align ourselves to the divine energy.”

Our warmest condolences go out to Gloria, Salvador and Gaia – and welcome them in our midst.


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