Last updated: 28 Aug, 2023

Frequently asked questions on press and media

Q. Why don't you advertise Auroville? 

A. Auroville is not interested in drawing huge crowds to the project. The Mother was quite specific that Auroville should not advertise or promote itself, and should provide only factual information to those sincerely seeking it for the right reasons. 

 Q. How can one receive regular information on Auroville? 

A. There are several options. One can take a subscription to the monthly journal 'Auroville Today', or regularly tune in to this website! In various countries it is also possible to connect to one of our Auroville International Centre which will regularly provide you with their newsletter or magazine. 

 Q. Are there restrictions for filmers? 

A. Yes, foreign video and film-makers wishing to make a documentary on Auroville for public viewing are required to obtain permission first from the Govt of India via the Auroville Media Interface Media Interface AVF <>. Provided proper credentials are given, this can be easily arranged. Indian video and film-makers are advised to get in touch with the same organisation before coming to Auroville, as only in this way a possible scenario, convenient shooting arrangements and time schedule can be worked out and accommodation arranged. For private individuals (foreign or Indian) wanting only to record their visit for themselves, there is no problem, and no prior permission is required.