Last updated: 10 Apr, 2024

Eveline Preibsch

Eveline Preibsch passed away on March 26th 2024.

Eveline together with Ulf and Staffan took over the work with Auroville International in Sweden around 1983, and Eveline kept holding in the centre over the years, being a stable contact and connection between Sweden and Auroville. This work she did over many years with only periodic support of others. The Auroville presence has been in Sweden and Scandinavia since the 60-ties, with a formal centre since 1974 and thanks to Eveline, up till now. For this we have much gratitude.

In Auroville Rajaveni, Balu and Samaran were her special close family and being a grandmother to Samaran meant a lot to her, her thoughts and care for him were always there.

Eveline had gone through cancer in 2005 and since some years it had come back. The last two years she has lived a quiet life, giving up her regular winter visits to Auroville.

Eveline was a very strong woman who walked her path in life. Her leaving us makes a gap, the space she held was one of stability, straightforwardness and kindness and thinking about her it feels like she always, in her contained and quiet way held Auroville’s special four qualities of goodness, generosity, equality and peace in her movements and actions.

She will be sorely missed by her daughter Sara and her family and friends in Sweden, Auroville and AVI.

She walks in the Light.


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