Last updated: 7 Mar, 2023

Eva Mikulski

In the afternoon of Saturday 11 February, Eva Mikulski, Jean Pougault’s long term partner, peacefully passed away in their Citadines apartment after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage. She had just celebrated her 77th birthday on Wednesday 8th with her Citadines family, in good health, full of joy and deeply happy.

Hailing from Germany, Eva came to Auroville in 1987. When she arrived here, she said she had the strong sense of reaching home. Starting out in Aspiration, she lived in Revelation, then in Djaima and finally in Citadines. By getting together with Jean in the early 90s, she joined a family and became a big part of Aurassi, Sruti and Usha's life.

While being active in various aspects of community life, she will be mostly remembered for her wholehearted engagement in education, first at the pre-crèche and then in the creation of Deepanam school. She also served two terms in the Auroville Council as well as the Entry group.

Throughout, she was painting and exploring arts through sculpture and collages, doing several exhibitions a Pitanga and in Centre d'Art. She never sold any of her paintings, but offered them to those who were touched by her work. She considered each painting to be the result of an inner experience which she would happily share with someone reverberating with it.

The Mother's Agenda was her bedside table book, she read and re-read the 13 volumes over and over, rediscovering them each time; it was a deepening process. She would surrender everything to the Divine and to The Mother.

Our warmest condolences go out to her partner Jean, her family and good friends.

Farewell Eva!


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