Creating Eco-friendly Handicrafts

EGAI, which means GIVING, takes its inspiration from the coconut tree whose entire being contributes to the betterment of our ecosystem. The activity was founded in 2019 under Auro Small Scale Activities (a unit of Artisana Trust), Auroville Foundation, to make craft work out of eco-friendly materials such as coconut shell, bamboo, palm and jute. All our products are unique by design. The raw materials are sourced from local communities and are sustainable in nature. We spend a great deal of time ensuring the quality of each product.

Our Vision and Mission

We aim to provide sustainable livelihood for native artisans and craftsmen by preserving traditional palm and coconut tree weaving techniques and encouraging the next generation to pursue this art. We would also like the younger generation to become aware of the harm caused by plastic so that they start using local and eco-friendly products.

Our aim is to identify youths who seek support for their education, and make them self-sufficient financially and help them to reach their goals.

Creating opportunities for youth and village women through creative craft work to meet their educational and financial requirements is a significant aspect of our enterprise.

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Skill Development Workshops

Come and learn the art of creating unique design and sustainable crafts made from coconut shell, palm leaf and wood. Which are environment friendly, also promote recycling and waste management. We offer workshops on the following crafts below.

  • Coconut Shell Earrings
  • Coconut Shell Pendants
  • Coconut Shell Lamp
  • Coconut Shell Key chains
  • Coconut Shell Musical instruments
  • Coconut Shell Bowls
  • Coconut Shell Candle Stand
  • Coconut Shell Powder Incense sticks
  • Coconut Keeth (Leaf) Weaving
  • Coconut Recipe Cooking Class
  • Coconut Husk bird Nest
  • Coconut Scrub Pad

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Egai Team

Anandabaskaran Veerappan started his journey in Auroville as a youth artisan from Sanjeevi Nagar village in Auroville Bio-region. Seeking to better his life by benefiting from the opportunities offered by Auroville, his hard work and mentorship by senior Aurovillians allowed him to grow his skills as a artisan, craftsman and instrumental musician (Djembe). While working in Auroville at Mohanam village heritage center over 16 years, Anand saw the support and resources given to entrepreneurship by Auroville, which instilled the dream of setting up his own unit.  

Rajesh Dashnamoorthy began his journey in Auroville as a musical instrument maker (percussion instruments). While developing his skill as a craftsman and musician, he also improved his knowledge in the areas of digital skill, coordination, logistics, planning and project management. Rajesh has worked in multiple Auroville units, such as Svaram, Pitanga, Saracon campus, and Integrated Transport Service. Rajesh is also part of the Auroville Marathon planning and execution team. Has been involved in fundraising for village level socio-economic resolutions.

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