Ecuador Consul in Auroville

Mr Buda Cueva Jacome Visited In April 2017

The consul took great interest in the experiments and achievements that were taking place in Auroville

A Diplomatic Journey in Auroville

Mr Jacome participated in a ceremony at the American Pavilion's planned site in the International Zone and had an informal and friendly reception-meeting dinner with a few members of the Center and the South American community in Auroville.

He also met the Secretary and Vice-Secretary of Auroville's Foundation, and members of the Working Committee.

In his own words:

"...Now in April of 2017, I had the privilege of being invited to Auroville, definitely an asset of humanity where the spiritual converges with tech. I had the opportunity of meeting global scientists in areas of the building, Mechanical Engineering, hydraulic, specialists in alternative energies, Organic Agriculture, yoga practitioners, teachers of children and young people, businessmen, in short a place where the human spirit exceeds the daily, and work is greater than any challenge. "