Last updated: 5 May, 2023

Divine Arts

Promoting Arts and “The Way of the Practitioner”

The mission of Divine Arts is to demonstrate, promote and pass on "the way of the artist"; to share the experience one can gain from exploring our sense of self, our innate creativity and connection to others through deepening our practice of music, yoga, dance, martial arts, and the art of authentic communication to name a few.

As practitioners of such arts, we can develop the tools necessary to deepen our relationships with each other, with our true nature and with the divine. To encourage and share this experience through self and collective expression is one part of the mission.

Cultural Preservation

Beauty and art in their many forms have played and continue to play an influential role in shaping the human experience and culture throughout history. However, through the emergence of industry and the evolution of popular music, for example, one can observe that much of the depth, mastery and soul associated with the artistic expressions that preceded them is often missing. Arts are the beauty at the foundation of our culture. To access their deep meaning and to preserve their divine beauty is the second part of our mission.

Develop Economical Sustainability

To make this a reality, we need to develop economical sustainability. If the artist cannot make a living, their art may suffer or even disappear. The third part of our mission is to establish a heART-centred community of artists & collaborators to share the gifts and enable them to generate an income that is supportive of their life here in Auroville.

A Practical Approach

Divine Arts is a practical approach to spirituality for anyone living in Auroville, including volunteers, to offer their gifts through:

  • Performances
  • Workshops
  • (Online) classes & private lessons
  • Online sales of digital products
  • Exhibitions & Events

If you’re running an event, please also consider us for sound engineering services.  

Activity coordinators Michael & Sarah Winkler, who connected through their mutual love of traditional Taijiquan, which, along with Michael’s passion to develop as a jazz and Hindustani classical musician, has been instrumental in their individual exploration of self and spirit and their inspiration to start such an activity in Auroville.

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Interested in collaborating? Please get in touch with us below. 

Phone: Sarah +91 91505 67003 

Lastly, if you feel called to support this activity, we'd be extremely grateful. You can donate via: