Last updated: 4 Feb, 2023

Christian Edet

On 24 January our Aurovilian brother Christian Edet passed away in his Promesse home at the age of 62.

Born at Noumea, New Caledonia, Christian came at the age of 46 to Auroville in 2006 and was accepted as Aurovilian in 2007. During the last 15 years he lived in Promesse.

Starting out with working at Matrimandir, he then worked and lived at Sadhana Forest where he was a quiet, hardworking and appreciated member of the community. In his later years he was active as gardener in Promesse and considerably instrumental in the cleaning up of the northern side of Promesse where village waste had been dumped for decades.

Living mostly in his own world and not socialising much, residents may mainly remember him from his bicycle rides over the large distances between Promesse, Sadhana Forest, Kuilyapalayam and elsewhere and back, - usually wearing a flower behind his ear.

May he be in peace.


Julietta, who is a potter, sent the attached pic of Christian, saying:

I remember Christian and, if I am not totally mistaken, he was posing as a model at the art class at the pyramids which were conducted by Michel from Progress. He was quietly sitting in the the middle of the room, with his shorts on and bare chest, while we students tried to model him, either in drawing or clay, as I did.

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