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Auroville Village Action Trust

Auroville Village Action Trust was registered in July 2000 to support and improve the organisation of the various activities which had developed from /or wished to be associated with, Auroville Village Action Group, which began in 1983. All these activities are based on the perception that in its search to realise an actual Human Unity, Auroville must work together with the people of the local villages. This work, for our collective well being and co-development, has involved local people, Aurovilians and professional social workers and has included programmes for all sectors of the local communities. The aim has been to participate with villagers to counteract the drain of urban migration by accessing their own and local resources to strengthen and develop their own communities. At present, there are 9 units of Auroville Village Action Trust, each with its own area of focus. Each unit has its own executives, and is completely independent and responsible for its funding and operations. The accounts of all the units of Auroville Village Action Trust are consolidated annually, and are audited by the Controller Auditor General of the Government of India. 

Village Action Group – AVAG fosters well being through participatory rural development in the areas of community development, economic development, capacity building and psychosocial support in 78 settlements and 34 Panchayats benefiting approx. 1,00,000 people.
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Auroville Health Services – a programme aimed at researching the health challenges in the villages and coming up with and applying innovative solutions
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Auroville Institute of Applied Technology – a technical training institute, preparing village youth for employment in the computer and administrative sectors through certificate courses see also:
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Deepam – a day school for handicapped village children, providing a full spectrum of remedial treatment and support. 
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Mohanam – a cultural centre in the village of Sanjeevinagar that operates a kindergarten and various other programmes, in both education and crafts, to revitalise the culture of the village. 
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Thamarai – a community centre that hosts education and community development programs in the village of Edayachavadi. See:  also: 

Sadhana Forest – an ecological revival and sustainable living community started in 2003 and now operating projects in India, Haiti and Kenya.

UnLtd Tamil Nadu- is a social start-up incubator focusing on early-stage change makers.

Integral Rural development IRD – SEDAB Development of sustainable rural enterprises in the Auroville bio-region 
IRD – SLI - The Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI) is a joint initiative of the Tamilnadu Rural Livelihood Mission and Auroville Foundation to bring sustainable values and ideas into the thought and actions of the rural livelihood department functionaries.

Tamil Nadu - SLI

All these units welcome your support. Most will accept volunteers. All are supported by donations, and welcome your financial contributions. You can contact each individually through their web page.

For more info. :, 0413-26278871