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Auroville in the Media - updates

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This is a limited selection of the many articles that are appearing along the years, related to Auroville, in the press, newspapers, magazines, online and other (soft or hard) media.
The goal is to show how Auroville gets depicted and identified by external observers, under its different aspects.

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AD Italia - Arcosanti ed Auroville: tra utopia e architettura

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Remaining COVID-free, the Auroville way

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Dainik Bhaskar   (Tamil newspaper) 23-04-2020

Laudable : Tamil Nadu ranks third among Corona infected states, 1596 people have been found infected here

Auroville, a city in Tamil Nadu; there are people from 54 countries, 10,000 tourists arrived here in 2 months and yet, not a single case of Corona

By Pramod Kumar | Auroville

Corona has caused major havoc all over the world, and in India foreigners are being tracked and monitored. And still there is a place in India where people from 54 countries live and not even a single case of Corona has surfaced. The name of this place is Auroville. The significant thing is that Auroville is a part of Tamil Nadu which is one of the top three infected states with 1596 cases. In the months of January and February, Auroville was visited by a huge number of tourists. Due to its proximity to Puducherry, 10,000 domestic and foreign tourists visited Auroville, in these two months. In February March 50 Aurovillians returned from other countries. In deference to the government's directive and a sense of social responsibility, they have presented a unique example in breaking the chain of Corona here. When there are reports of the escape of suspects in quarantine across another country, people here have voluntarily stayed in quarantine for not just 14 days but  25 days. Deputy Director Health, Villupuram District (Auroville falls in this district) Mr. S. Siddhartha says that due to a large number of foreign tourists and people from other countries live here, the concern of the health department was natural. They organised a camp and screened people. People who had travelled or had external contacts were quarantined. The people here have observed instructions and there is not a single case of infection.

8 reasons why nobody has been infected here:

        People who returned from abroad have been quarantined for 25 days.

        Essential items were delivered to the quarantined people at their homes.

        A list of essential items was taken from the senior citizens, from their homes.

        People even consulted doctors over phone.

        Organic farming continued to fulfil the needs of vegetables and fruits.

        The houses here are at a distance of 100 meters from each other.

        Under the community kitchen system, food for 1000 people is cooked at Solar Kitchen. Food was delivered to people at home in tiffins. Nobody stepped out to eat.

        Since March, ingredients that prevent infection were integrated into the Solar Kitchen menu. This helped increase the immunity.

Seen in the photo, Bernard does organic farming in Auroville. He is from Belgium and now settled here.


Environment and society portal 18-5-2019

Experimenting with Energyscapes: Growing up with Solar and Wind in Auroville and Beyond

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February 18, 2018

We are nomadic empty nesters on a Green Global Trek.
Peta was born in South Africa and Ben was born in France. After twenty plus years living in the U.S., when our four sons finished high school and left home for college, we quit our jobs, got rid of most of our possessions and launched our Green Global Trek adventure. This page is about visiting Auroville:


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The world has received positive vibrations from Auroville...

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Why Auroville is special

by Claude Arpi
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Sri Aurobindo's Action

A special issue dedicated to the 50 years of Auroville.

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From Inexploré n°37 January 2018   (in French)

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Hindi article written by  GB member Anirban Ganguly  


Auroville, le reve a cinquante ans

An article and photos by Camille Saferis on Rolling Stone France magazine, January 2018.


Auroville set to mark golden jubilee in February

by M. Dinesh Varma

Published: November 15, 2017


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The modern Utopia that is Auroville 

by M. Dinesh Varma, Annie Philip

Published: August 7, 2014

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Buildotech Magazine

An Urban Experiment - Auroville

Published: May 26th, 2014



Young people entering the city of Dawn –
Auroville heading towards a New Time

by tforchange Blog

Published: May 25, 2014


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A community spirit 

by Viikhar Ahmed Sayeed 

Published: May 22, 2014 

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The Eco Friendly Township 

by Joe C. Mathew 

Published: April 22, 2014

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Auroville Impresses Diplomats

by Deepa H Ramakrishnan

Published: February 24, 2003