Last updated: 25 Sep, 2017

AuroHamsadwani – South Indian Classical Music and Dance

Children playing Veena, a traditional Indian musical instrument
AuroHamsadwani started as a small group of interested individuals. At the beginning, there were a few girls learning the classical dance – Bharatnatyam. It slowly developed into a sub-activity under SAIIER. Here the children are given options to explore their interest in the classical arts.

Currently, the Bharatnatyam dance class has 24 students. Learning to play an instrument class includes veena (25 students), flute (3 students), keyboard (6 students). And training in vocal Carnatic class has 25 students. We are approached by people for classes on Miruthangam, Tabla and Drums. Our main aim is to take the classical art forms to the rural areas and to give the opportunity to our young generation to gain the knowledge of our traditional music and dance.

Our team consists of children aged from 5 to 15 years and 10 adults. This programme does not only encourage children from Auroville it also embraces children from our neighbouring villages. It allows the children in the rural areas (with or without means) to discover this field which is normally not possible. The students get the opportunity to show their talent while they are performing in programmes live, on television and on the radio. We have the ambition of promoting student artist exchange programmes with other institutions which are encouraging the young generation to explore the classical art form.

AuroHamsadwani continues to support all the kids through donations from Project Coordination Group and SAIIER and through individual and parental support.