Last updated: 25 Sep, 2019

Aurea Center

Aurea Center is founded as a hub of innovation, incubation and co-working set in Auroville which has been a pioneering universal town for the past 50 years.

 At Aurea one can make use of the coworking space, avail mentorship & incubation for a start-up idea or develop design and prototypes for their innovations. All kinds of people come to Auroville in the search for an alternative life and universal values that encompass their life and work. 

The search is answered when people witness the innumerable products, services and outreach based initiatives that are modelled through this space and embody the core of consciousness through material design.

 As numerous people inspired and enthusiastic walk in every day looking to collaborate, create and learn from Auroville, it seemed only appropriate to create a hub where this potential for growth could be channelled and harnessed.
Aurea is a platform for all design thinkers, innovators, business collaborators, entrepreneurs and researchers to anchor their initiatives, engage with an appropriate network of people and discover legal and funding channels. 

 Aurea is the harbour where your ships can be designed & maintained for a smooth sail.

Contact: Aurea Center
Saracon, Auroshilpam, Auroville-605101

 Call: +919408444707