Last updated: 24 Aug, 2018

Audrey Wallace-Taylor

My personal view of space has changed, as it is connected with my spiritual journey. Bucky Fuller said: "It is no longer up and down but in and out like pins; we are on a pin cushion on this planet." From aerial views of our world to drawings exploring the idea of morphic resonance, I keep wondering: What does it look like? What does it feel like? Ideas and feelings all mixed up and expressed by the body through a personal discipline like painting have only to do with my exploration of a personal reality.

Wholeness is what I am seeking. I try not to avoid anything that comes, whether conceptually or in process. Consistency was part of a past discipline. Now I can let it be there -- or not -- within my work.

Starting to work, I usually mix three or four colours (a very pleasant time, like cooking). Then I use rollers, sprays, sponges, squeegees, brushes, throwing, glazing -- applying the paint in any way that seems appropriate. I consciously want the viewer to know that my body is creating this work. Actually, it is my body and gravity, for many times I work on a panel on the wall of my studio that I can rotate clock-wise and counter clock-wise letting the paint move.

I've begun to use a made-up calligraphy to denote mind chatter, or intellectual activity. It comes out of wanting to change the tones and textures in the Convergence Black and White Series.

My drive to paint comes out of curiosity:

What will this look like?

Can I make it work?

What does it have to tell me?

Can it be beautiful?

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