Last updated: 10 May, 2023

Anna Oijevaar

In the morning of Sunday 2 April, Dutch Aurovilian Anna Oijevaar passed away. She was a lively, energetic and much appreciated Aurovilian, who came here first in 1988 and was registered as Aurovilian in ’93.  She raised five children, Jonah, Jitta, Ofa, Anan and Anadi, and was one of the main initiative takers of the Auroville Lilaloka resource centre for children that came off the ground in 2011.

Anna’s children wrote on 2 April:

“This morning Anna from Eternity passed away. She would have been 72 this year. Many years ago Anna had a dream of an Island to raise her family, a place of new awakening. A place of youth that never ages, where children could grow up to be their unique selves. This journey led them to Auroville. When she stepped out of the taxi for the first time in Eternity, she knew this was the place of her dreams. Anna and Yuval raised their 5 children there and, with the family, established a beautiful oasis on the beach.

She dedicated her life work to Integral education, to Mother and Sri Aurobindo and the Divine.

We are grateful to have had her in our lives and everything she has given to us all.

Her family and her extended family in Auroville and around the world will always hold her close to their heart.”


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