Last updated: 7 Mar, 2024

Frequently asked questions on art and culture

Q. Can one just be an artist in Auroville, or does one have to do other work? 

A. It is acceptable to devote oneself entirely to art, but not encouraged. It would depend entirely on how good the artist is and how he/she is dealing with the results of his/her work. It often happens that Auroville's artists give a good share of their time to teaching school children in their field of art, or are active in a totally unrelated service for the community. 

Q. Do you have cultural events in Auroville? 

A. Yes, regularly. There are many music recitals, film and video showings, theatre productions, talks, slide shows, art exhibitions and dance performances, mostly given by Aurovilians, but some given by visiting artists or specialists, usually proud to offer their talent to Auroville and Aurovilians. There are also occasional seminars and inter-cultural events, mostly involving the local villages, but some drawing Auroville youth and others from around India or abroad for 'international' experiences.