Dr Ismael Serageldin

Holder of Many International Positions Including as Vice President of the World Bank (1993–2000)

During an International Seminar on the Creation of the Sri Aurobindo World Centre for Human In Auroville on 1st February, 1998

Bridging Spirituality and Practical Action

"Auroville has the advantage of having a unique specificity, which is the combination of spirituality with action in the material world. Spirituality does indeed call forth the better aspects of our nature and enables us to fuse passion and compassion in our work. But we also need to ground in reality, and this is something that is unique in this experience here. It is not disengagement from life, but engagement with it. It results in a holistic view where reductionist science can go side by side with spiritual uplifting. It seems to me that you are building on real achievements here."