Budget Coordination Committee

Managing Auroville's Budget

The Budget Coordination Committee (BCC) is a subgroup of the Funds & Assets Management Committee (FAMC).

The Budget Coordination Committee, together with an office team along with resource persons, administers Auroville’s central fund, or “City Services Budget”

The Budget Coordination Committee was formed by the FAMC, Council and Working Committee on 28 August 2008. The BCC started its work in September 2008. The group regularly publishes reports of monthly income and approved disbursements on the Auronet and in the News & Notes.

Managing the Central Fund

There are two main functions of the team. On one hand, it receives contributions from all Auroville residents, newcomers and friends of Auroville towards the municipal services that support the community. Along with this, a majority of the municipal budget is supported by contributions from the income-generating units and services of Auroville. 

Secondly, it looks into the distribution of the central fund to different municipal services that come in through these different channels.

The BCC annually receives new budget requests from municipal services and on a monthly basis provides regular budgets for Auroville services. It also reviews and processes grants for exceptional requirements in the community. It monitors maintenance and other forms of financial support for Aurovilians.

The BCC continually works to enhance and focus on the best support from all to help maximize the quality of life and service within Auroville for one and all.

Download BCC mandate -Final-24 May 2018(2).pdf

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