Last updated: 2 Dec, 2016

Frequently asked questions on economy

Q. How is Auroville financed? 
A. Some money comes from the Government of India, mostly for education and projects covered by the 'Auroville Development Scheme', occasionally for road works. 
Other money comes from NGOs and other organisations in India and abroad, from the profits of commercial units within Auroville, from a number of 'Auroville International' centres around the world, from guest houses, from cash donations made by visitors and guests, from outside well-wishers and the families of Aurovilians, and - of course - from the Aurovilians themselves.

Q. How do people finance their personal life in Auroville? 
A.  While a number of Auroville residents have their own resources including financial support from families or friends, the majority depend on the 'maintenance' (a monthly sum which is usually just enough to meet the basic needs of living in Auroville) which they receive from the commercial unit or community service they work for. 

 Q. What happens if one no longer has any money to support oneself? 
A. The community meets all one's needs, and provides a cash allowance or 'maintenance' sufficient to live a simple life with a modicum of dignity. 

 Q. Do you grow your own food? What percentage of Auroville's food requirements is met from within the community? 
A. At present Auroville is self-sufficient only in milk and some seasonal fruits. It produces only part of its total rice and grain requirements, and less than 50% of its total fruit and vegetable requirements. 
We are trying to improve this situation, with a sustainable agriculture.

 Q. Can I come and start a business in Auroville? 
A. There are no privately owned businesses in Auroville. But as an Aurovilian you can work in an existing income-generating unit of Auroville or start a new Auroville enterprise in consultation with the concerned working groups.

 Q. What are the investment possibilities in Auroville? 
A. There is no private ownership of land, housing or business in Auroville. Aurovilians are constantly investing in the collectively owned land, housing and business. People setting up (or joining existing) commercial activities can expect that, if they are successful, they will be able to support a modest life style within certain informal norms. It should, however, be clearly understood that in Auroville work is not a means of earning one's living but of serving the divine.