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Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

Patron: His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Glimpses on the History of Tibet

Our Office is open
from 9 am till 12.30 pm
from 2.30 pm till 4.30 pm

FROM 9.30 till 12.30
FROM 2.30 till 5.30 PM.


"We are deeply impressed by the spiritual aim behind the building of an international city called Auroville. The importance of the effort to achieve human unity and international co-operation by the creation of such a city cannot be over-emphasised; nor can we neglect the benefit to be acquired from it. We are therefore very keen to be the first country to build a Pavilion. We understand that this pavilion will be dedicated to the essence of Tibetan culture in an effort to show that out of the diversity of world cultures, these pavilions can help to create a new harmony towards world human unity."


Contact details

If you wish to help the project or contribute to the construction of the Pavilion from within the USA, contact the following addresses:

Auroville International USA
P.O. Box 1534
Lodi, CA 95241-1534

Office phone: (831) 425-5620
Toll-free donation line: (866) 2-HELP-AV


For tax deductible donations in the USA, cheques should be made payable to AVI USA and sent to the above address. You can also make a secure online credit card donation via AVI USA.

Or for the East Coast to:

Auroville Information Office
PO Box 676
Woodstock NY 12498
Phone: (845) 679-5358

Donations from other countries may be sent via the local Auroville International Centre
or be made payable to Auroville Fund and sent to:

Claude Arpi
Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
Auroville 605101 TN
Tel: 91-413-622401




Home > The City > International Zone > Pavilion of Tibetan culture
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