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 MatrimandirThe Soul of Auroville


Visiting the Matrimandir

Please note:
Visits to Matrimandir are free of cost. Bookings for concentration at Matrimandir cannot be done by agents, guides or tour operators.
Bookings for Matrimandir are personal and can only be done by following the present process at the Auroville Visitors Centre.



Please be reminded
that the Matrimandir
Viewing Point is closed
on Sunday afternoons.

Matrimandir Access Policy for Visitors
as at 1.6.2013.


Access to the Matrimandir Viewing Point

Booking an introductory visit to Matrimandir and surrounding areas

Booking for visitors who have previously concentrated in the Matrimandir

Direct contact


Understanding the Matrimandir
Access Policy



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The Park of Unity, located at the centre of the international township of Auroville, includes:
• The Matrimandir, which represents the Universal Mother or the Divine Consciousness.
• The twelve rooms in the Matrimandir Petals, representing the twelve Qualities or Virtues of the Universal Mother.
• The twelve gardens around the Matrimandir, representing the twelve Powers of the Universal Mother.
• The ‘Lotus Pond' beneath the Matrimandir.
• The Banyan tree, Auroville's geographical centre, and the adjacent Garden of Unity.
• The Amphitheatre, sited where Auroville's inauguration ceremony took place.

The Matrimandir is a shrine of the Universal Mother and the Soul of Auroville; it is meant for those who, in the Mother's words, are sincere and serious and truly want to learn to concentrate. The Matrimandir is not a temple in the conventional sense of the word; it is neither a place of worship, nor to be associated with any religion, whether ancient, present, new or future.

For better understanding please look up ‘Understanding the Matrimandir Access Policy'.


Access to the Matrimandir Viewing Point


The Matrimandir Viewing Point, south of the Park of Unity, is a raised garden area which provides visitors with a beautiful view of the Matrimandir and its surroundings.

•  Passes for the Matrimandir Viewing Point can be obtained for free at Auroville's Visitors' Centre, after watching a short introductory video on the Matrimandir.


•  Timing for issuing of Passes at the Visitors' Centre:





9 am

to 4.30 pm


9 am to 1.00 pm only

 Afternoon Closed


Opening hours of the Matrimandir Viewing Point:





9.30 am

to 5.00 pm


9.30 am to 1.30 pm only

Afternoon Closed


• Please note: The Matrimandir Viewing Point remains closed on Sunday afternoons.


•  Way to the Matrimandir Viewing Point:
A shaded footpath, about 1km long, leads from the Visitors' Centre to the Viewing Point. An electric shuttle service is available for those who may find it difficult to walk the approx. 1 km each way. On weekends a free bus service is available from the Viewing Point to the Visitors Centre for those who wish to avail of it.

Please note: Matrimandir management may modify the above timings and procedures without prior notice. For up to date information on Auroville and the Matrimandir, kindly visit the Auroville website: www.auroville.org


Access to Matrimandir and surrounding areas


The Matrimandir Access Policy is based on the Mother's guidelines.


General conditions:
The Matrimandir is a place for silent concentration. Those who wish to only see it are welcome to do so from a distance at the Matrimandir Viewing Point, which offers a beautiful view from a raised position overlooking the Park of Unity.

  • Prior permission is required to access the Matrimandir for concentration.
  • Permission is granted to those who have seen the videos and exhibitions on Auroville and the Matrimandir in order to have an understanding of the project and the Mother's vision of it. This may be done by making an initial visit to the Visitors Centre of Auroville.
  • Request for concentration has to be made at least one day in advance, in person, at the Visitors Centre between 10 and 11 am or 2 and 3 pm any day except Tuesdays. No bookings are made for or taken on Tuesdays.
    All bookings are accepted on an individual basis only. Requests are attended to in the order of receiving them, and can be made up to seven days in advance. The number of places is limited.
  • On the day of appointment, those with a booking have to reach the Visitors Centre 8.45 am, from where they will be taken to the Matrimandir by one of the Auroville shuttles.
  • Passes for concentration will be issued at the Visitors Centre on the day of appointment, and shortly before the departure to Matrimandir with the shuttle.
  • Bags, cameras and cell phones are not allowed within the Park of Unity (the Matrimandir Gardens ) and should be left either in one's vehicle or deposited for safe keeping at the Access Office of the Matrimandir. Cell phones have to be switched off before depositing.
  • Visitors are advised not to bring valuables with them.
  • Photographs may be taken only from a designated area outside the Park of Unity.
  • Media persons wanting to take photos/films must obtain advance permission from:
  • Cleanliness: the cooperation of all is requested to keep the Matrimandir and its twelve Petal rooms in immaculate condition.
    Touching any surface inside the structures is to be avoided. Cleanliness of body and garments is indispensable.
  • Children below 10 are not allowed inside the Park of Unity and the Matrimandir and will be asked to stay back at the Visitors Centre with a family member.
  • Absolute silence is required inside the Matrimandir and the 12 meditation rooms in the Petals, around the ‘Lotus Pond' below the Matrimandir, and in the area under the Banyan Tree. Kindly help us maintain the atmosphere at the highest level.
  • In case of rain or if the pathways and Garden areas are too muddy, the Matrimandir will be closed and all bookings for the day are cancelled.

1) First time visitors to Matrimandir for concentration

The following conditions apply to all first time visitors for concentration.

An introduction to Matrimandir is provided for all first-time visitors who book for a concentration. An explanation is given on the Matrimandir and its significance, followed by a concentration in the Inner Chamber for 10 to 15 minutes.
Those who wish to experience a concentration in the Matrimandir may make a booking for it in person at the Visitors Centre any day except Tuesdays
between 10 and 11 am or 2 and 3 pm
. The appointment given will be for a subsequent/following day and not for the same day. Those making a request for concentration are expected to have some knowledge and understanding of the project of Auroville which can be obtained by looking at the videos and exhibitions at the Visitors Centre.
Please note that the booking service at the Visitors Centre is closed on
Tuesdays. No bookings are taken on or made for Tuesdays.

  • All those who have booked their visit for concentration are expected to reach the Auroville Visitors' Centre Video Room at 8.45 am on the day of appointment to first see a short video on Auroville before proceeding to the Matrimandir.
  • Visitors are expected to park their vehicles at the Visitors' Centre Parking and avail themselves of the free shuttle service provided.
  • The last shuttle back from the Matrimandir to the Visitors' Centre is at about 11.30 am.

Please note that it is not possible to accommodate late comers.

2) Visitors who have previously concentrated in the Matrimandir
The following conditions apply to regular visitors for concentration and to those who have already attended the introductory visit for concentration in the Matrimandir (see above).

Advance booking is required for every concentration in the Inner Chamber. A booking may be made on any day except Tuesdays:

  • in person at the Access Office of the Matrimandir any day between 10 and 11 am or
  • by calling (0413) 2622204 between 10 and 11.30 am any day or
  • by  email to mmconcentration@auroville.org.in up to 3/7 days in advance. Confirmation of such bookings will be by return mail with booking numbers.

Concentration time in the Inner Chamber

  • 9.35 am to 10.05 am.
  • Last entry allowed into the Inner Chamber: 9.45 am.

Concentration time in the Petal Meditation Rooms

  • The 12 meditation rooms are all open at the same time from 9.30 am to 11 am everyday except Tuesdays. 
  • Those who come for the Inner Chamber concentration may visit them after their concentration in the Inner Chamber.

Please note:

  • Matrimandir reserves the right to refuse entry, cancel a visit or request a person to leave the Park of Unity on account of being under the influence of alcohol, bringing a person under age, making unauthorized audio, video or photographic recordings, or behaving in a manner which does not correspond with the above guidelines or is incompatible with the ideals and spirit of Matrimandir and Auroville.
Matrimandir management may modify the above timing and procedures without prior notice. For up to date ifnformation on Auroville and the Matrimandir, kindly visit this website.

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