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Mother's sketch

1965 Mother's sketch

In her 1965 sketch of Auroville, the Mother laid down the basic concept for the town. This sketch delineated all the important activity areas that would fulfill the vision of making it a universal township. The concept was as much practical as it was visionary and the way in which it is fitting in with today's international, national and local way of seeing things is quite striking. 

In this conversation Mother speaks about this as a first concept and indicates that she has no illusions that the original purity of the idea will be kept. Much has changed since then. As the land for the construction of Bharat Nivas, the Pavilion of India, could not be bought, Mother approved of the shifting of the zones.
The international zone was relocated towards the west, the residential zone to the south, the cultural zone to the east and the industrial zone moved to the north. Mother also approved the creation of the Auromodèle and Aspiration communities near the village of Kuilapalayam. Around them other communities came into existence. They not only became residential areas, but also came to house small handicrafts units. Thus, a kind of double city gradually developed. One part, located around Kuilapalayam, is now separated from the main city by a large area of village owned land. Some units that settled around Kuilapalayam eventually moved to the Industrial Zone, but many have chosen to stay, a development which has led to two or even three industrial, or rather, economic zones. (adapted from AVtoday, September '03)

1966 Nebula

1967  Emerging Galaxy

1968 Galaxy

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