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AVI Canada Summer Bulletin
été 2011

“Someone was here”
“You are on the right path”


Presentation ceremony


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Canadian Pavilion panel
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photo by Manohar


Photo by Giorgio


To reaffirm Canada 's participation in Auroville's development, AVI Canada along with Aurovilians born in Canada have created in the International zone, a granite monument inspired by the “Inuksuks” of the “Inuit” of Canada.


For this special occasion, a message of peace and unity from William Commanda, one of the great spiritual leaders of the first nationsof turtle island (North America), was read.

A traditional ceremony to celebrate with us the wisdom of the first people of America was performed.


“Inuksuks (the actual plural is inuksuit) are stone figures created
by the first inhabitants of the Canadian north,
the Inuit.

The Inuit have lived in the areas now called Canada , Alaska , and Greenland for thousands of years
and inuksuit can be found in all these regions.
The word “inuksuk” is an Inuktitut word meaning
“to act in the capacity of a human”
and comes from the word “inuk” which can be translated as
“human being”.”
“The rock Inuksuk embodies the spirit and persistence
of the Inuit who live and flourish in Northern Canada,
one of the world's harshest environments.
“Symbolic of the act of an unselfish nomadic people,
they were built by the Inuit as guideposts
to make the way easier and safer for those who followed.”

In New York , one reads under the beautiful Inuksuk of the United Nations: “These stones figures,
silhouettedagainst the horizon,
welcome and guide the traveler on his or her journey…
In this time of accelerating global change,
the Inuksuk could take on a meaning far beyond its use
in the Arctic regions, becoming a metaphor
for all humanity looking to find its way.”
The Canadian Aurovilian Inuksuk is turned
towards the soul of Auroville and the light of the rising sun.

Andrée and Christian F. from AVI Canada wrote:
“Venu du fonds des âges, l'Inuksuk marche
en quête d'une nouvelle conscience pour l'humanité.”



For those of you who can read French, here is a song written by Claude Gauthier, a poet from Québec:



L'homme qui passait par là a posé quelques pierres
Empreintes de ses pas dans l'ombre et la lumière
Dans ce monde infini il était de passage
De ce visage ne reste que le granite
Cette pierre a les pieds, les épaules et la force
Qui ont porté gibier, carquois, canot d'écorce
Quand cet homme était roi sur ces lacs et ces terres
Avant les croix, la France et l'Angleterre.

Cette pierre au sein doux était-ce une princesse
Que le lierre et le houx ont embelli de tresses
Et qu'un oiseau charmant orna de son plumage
De cette image n'est qu'un caillou dormant
Et cette grosse larme sculptée par la nature
C'est un ventre de femme avec ses vergetures
Qui porta dans son dos des enfants à la poche,
Des sacs de roches, des tonnes de seaux d'eau.

Et nous passons aussi et nous laissons des traces
Gratte-ciel et graffiti, satellite dans l'espace,
Dans ce monde infini, nous sommes de passage
Avec nos âges gravés dans le granite
Un homme est passé par ici, une femme, un enfant aussi.


photo by Manohar

Only in Auroville two cultures and heritages so geographically distant
can be so close to each other.

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