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Auroville's First Marathon

Running The Spiral-- Celebrating 40 years


February 17 th , 2008
























Running a marathon is a dream: it is intense, it is arduous, it is challenging both physically and mentally, it demands all of you: commitment, endurance, persistence, focus.
Day in and day out, week after week for sixteen weeks one has to train. It is not easy, but it is fun and we set up a program so we all have fun doing it together.
There will be times when one wants to give up, one wants to just say: "*$%# it", throw in the towel. But like the polishing of a diamond, the whole being slowly starts to focus and one gets aligned in more ways than one.

There is a phenomenon called a “a runner's high”.
And each runner who has experienced it, knows the joy and exhilaration.



On the Sunday of February 17 th 2008, Auroville provided such a chance to runners from Auroville, village youth from around Auroville, residents of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, runners from Chennai (chennairunners), runners from Bangalore (RunnersForLife) and runners from Hyderabad.
Auroville provided a venue and support so that each one may say, I am “a marathoner”.

But there is also a phenomenon known as “hitting the wall” and we went the extra mile to make sure that each and every runner had safe and injury free marathon experience.
Within Auroville, we had provided a training schedule that was structured and which provided coaching and medical guidance and assistance so that each runner would be able to reach their goal whether in a time frame or just sheer completion of the race.

Running a marathon is a joy and we hope that the hundred and sixty or so runners who partook in this joyful event went home very satisfied.



We had over fifty volunteers from across the social fabric of Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the village youth. They helped with the aid-stations, marking the route, preparation for the registration, guest registration, road help, cycling, start, finish logistics, health, security etc. etc.

With the community support as was provided on this event, we hope to make Auroville Marathon an annual event.

The Auroville Runners group meets for a run every first and third sundays of the month at 6:15am in front of the Matrimandir office gate.
To participate and keep upto date on running related information please join avrunners group on Auroville intranet, or join via yahoo groups id avrunners.


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