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The Auroville Foundation

The Auroville Foundation - diagram

Auroville Foundation Act

The Governing Board

The International Advisory Council

The Secretary

The Residents' Assembly and
the Working Committee

Annual report 2004/5

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The Auroville Foundation Act created a separate legal entity, the Auroville Foundation, with three authorities: the Governing Board, the International Advisory Council and the Residents' Assembly. The Act also specifies that there will be a Secretary.

General details


Auroville Foundation Rules 

The Central Government has notified the Auroville Foundation Rules for carrying out the provisions of the Auroville Foundation Act.

Secretariat of the Auroville Foundation

The Head Office of the Auroville Foundation is:
Auroville Foundation,
Auroville Foundation Bhavan,
Administrative Area, - Town Hall,
Auroville 605101,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone: 00 91 (0) 413 2622222 / 2622414 (Accounts) 2622930
Fax : 2623496 ; 2623644

website: http://aurovillefoundation.org

Auroville Foundation Accounts

The accounts of the Foundation are audited by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.


Income Tax Exemption:

Auroville Foundation has been approved:

(i) U/S 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
(ii) 80G for the period 01.04.2005-2010
(iii) 10(23C) applied for renewal from 01.04.2003 onwards
(iv) 35(1),(ii) & (iii) applied for renewal from 01.04.2006 onwards


Structure of the units of the Auroville Foundation

The Auroville Foundation consists of research, educational, service and commercial units dedicated to the promotion of the ideals of Auroville and of units dedicated to the uplifting of the population living in the villages surrounding Auroville. 

The Auroville Foundation has separated these activities. All commercial activities are carried out in business trusts. The service units are integral parts of the Auroville Foundation. The units dedicated to village work are also organised in separate trusts. These trusts are recognised as non-governmental organisations. 

Appraisal of the Auroville Foundation

After a period of over 10 years, and having passed through the difficulties of accepting a Governing Board and its Secretary who hold the 'legal' powers, Auroville has come to terms with the Auroville Foundation. The Governing Board is now seen as one other instrument to promote the development of Auroville. The creation of the Auroville Foundation is generally judged as positive, and many Aurovilians are grateful that the Indian Government has passed this special Act for Auroville. The Foundation has given a clear uniform legal status to Auroville. The unique income tax exempt status and a special visa policy are examples of the type of advantages that the Foundation has brought.

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