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updated July 2012


The Auroville Village Action Group began in l983, a group of Aurovilians, villagers and social workers who wanted Auroville and the villages to have a community-to-community relationship. AVAG has sought to encourage the local communities to organise themselves to recognise that they can themselves make improvements in their lives, their children's education, and in the village itself. AVAG has also helped set up schools for children and young women and young men. Including the participation of women and young people, village groups have rebuilt schools, run evening classes for young students, mended streets, repaired street taps, and generally helped raise the standard of collective living in some 50 villages around Auroville. Presently the primary focus is on women's empowerment and microfinance.


The Village Action Group grew into many activities, and eventually became the Village Action Trust, with Village Action Group one of several units under the Trust. The main activities of AVAG today are described below:

1. Background on Auroville
and its relation to the villages

Since Mother enunciated the goal of achieving 'an actual Human Unity" and the villagers sold much of their land to Auroville, the relation between Auroville and the villages has evolved.

For further study:
DOWNLOAD: Background on the relation of Auroville and the Villages
and see also: AV
AG Operating Philosophy


2. Community organization
Helping villagers to form self-help groups that organise themselves for community improvement is building up a new community structure, in which all voices are heard.

For further study:
DOWNLOAD: Community Organisation


3. Women's Empowerment

Traditionally oppressed, women are organising themselves for community development and at the same time gaining status in the community organisation.

For further study:
DOWNLOAD: WomenPower


4. Dalit Development

The former "untouchables" are also getting organised for the development of their "colonies" and at the same time being included in the general development of the area.

For further study:
DOWNLOAD: Dalit Development Programme


5. Development strategy.

As can be seen, AVAG is evolving a comprehensive programme for sustainable community organisation. AVAG works with women, but also with men, it works with dalits, but also with the caste villages, it works with children and also with teachers and parents, it works with the poorest and also with the leaders of the village. All these programmes have recently been consolidated into a strategy for the next five years.

For further study:


Auroville Village Action Group welcomes interest in and support of its projects. It receives funds from internationally recognised funding agencies, the Government of India and individual donors. The Central Audit General of India annually audits accounts. We are especially happy when social work students come for several months experience. If you would like know more about Village Action, or to offer your services, or your financial participation, you can contact us at:


Contact: avag@auroville.org.in 


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