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The Auroville Archives

Under the careful and persistent guidance of Aurovilian General Krishna Tiwari, India, who lives in Auroville since 1976, the Auroville Archives was established in 1991 to keep a record of the progressive growth of Auroville over the years from its inception onwards, together with records of the difficulties faced and dealt with in the gradually evolving process of the township.

Rich documentation

The Auroville Archives house not only the written records of the conception, planning and developmental growth of the township, but also material relating to:

  • different solutions tried out to surmount the difficulties which have arisen over the years

  • records of meetings among Aurovilians on different aspects of their attempts to find solutions

  • papers on all the multifarious activities that have occurred over the years

  • printed photographs, video records and thousands of photo slides

  • records of original research done in different fields such as alternative energy, building design, low cost housing, organic farming, development of organic pesticides and financial management, the latter with special emphasis on Mother's directives regarding 'no money exchange in Auroville'

The list is 'endless' and it was felt that all the records must be preserved to provide a base of research into the activities that have been undertaken - and will be undertaken - in this 'living laboratory', for posterity. Written, audio and photographic records are electronically stored in a database for permanent preservation.

Temporary location

In the absence of another suitable habitat, Auroville Archives are presently housed in a temporary improvised space in Bharat Nivas below the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium. No amount of ad hoc modifications and other changes in this fairly limited space can satisfactorily and fully meet the needs of the Auroville Archives as the township further develops and expands. Plans have therefore been submitted for a full-fledged Auroville Archives in the context of the planned Sri Aurobindo World Centre for Human Unity.


Presently more and more Aurovilians are using the Archives for study and publication purposes and an increasing number of visitors come to the place to study various aspects of their own research. 


Visitors to this site are warmly invited to send any Auroville-related material they come across in publications or elsewhere, for inclusion in the Archives. Material may be addressed to:

Auroville Archives
Bharat Nivas
605101 Auroville
Tamil Nadu INDIA

Contact: avarchives@auroville.org.in

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