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Savi, a doorway for new learning...


… for students, researchers and professionals of all countries
eager to experience Auroville.


"For French nationals, it seems that since a recent time there is an instruction not to deliver Tourist visa for people going to Auroville. Until we clarify and have confirmation on this information, we invite you to formulate your Tourist visa application with a mention of staying in Tamil Nadu or Pondicherry instead."

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Unity Pavilion
International Zone
Auroville 605101
Tamil Nadu, INDIA




SAVI Professional Volunteers








Services to support you throughout your stay in Auroville


The general services offered by Savi include:

  • Information and advice to prepare your stay, before arrival to India,
  • Research of hosting units/places, volunteering assignments, workshops and courses,
  • Assistance for visa applications for non-Indians,
  • Welcome and registration when arriving in Auroville
  • Introductory seminar to discover and understand Auroville
  • Educational support and follow-up of students and volunteers
  • Final appraisal of the experience in Auroville



Specific conditions for a unique volunteering


Auroville is a «human laboratory»; its raison d'être is founded on the vision of Human Evolution and Human Unity of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. For this reason, it is a very specific place, different from other “eco-villages” and alternative communities of the world visited by volunteers.

To come to Auroville as a volunteer implies resonating with Auroville's aims and ideals, being ready to serve projects and contribute to Auroville's development.

Auroville is a field of experiments where a new consciousness is shaping new ways of living together. To adapt to its evolving environment, applicants need to be autonomous, open-minded and proactive. This explains why applicants aged less than 18 years are not accepted.

Auroville is a city in the making, which has emerged from an almost deserted area. Compared with western societies, the standard of living is very basic. Due to the overall economy of the project, students and volunteers have to be self supportive financially; some farms can offer rustic accommodations, but in most cases the hosting units cannot offer “bed and breakfast against work”.

The lodging facilities in Auroville are guesthouses, youth camps and a Volunteers residence named Mitra. To find an accommodation is not easy, (as we are still building the city!) especially during the tourist season (December-February). It is advised to book long in advance in that period. More information will be given when placement in a hosting unit is found.



Registration and contact


Savi (AVIS) Open every morning 10:00 to 12:00 am.

Location: Unity Pavilion, International Zone – 605101 Auroville

Telephone: +91 (413) 262 2121 – Email: study@auroville.org.in

Team: Dominique – Julien - Laure - Sara - Michael


Savi offers opportunities for long term commitments (2 to 12 months); the Indian visa regulations impose some specific conditions for volunteer participation in Auroville projects and activities.

It is recommended to apply long in advance (2 to 6 months ahead), by mail.

If you plan to stay for a shorter time period contact the Guests Service

(guestservice@auroville.org.in); you will be offered short term volunteer opportunities.


Volunteers in Bhuddha Garden



•  How to proceed


•  Research of possible hosting units

•  First explore the pages of the Auroville website and specific information related to your interests;

•  Introduce yourself in your first mail to Savi, explaining your purpose, your learning expectations and intended duration of your stay; an application form will be sent to you.

•  Complete and return the application form. The information you provide is an important way for Auroville to know your project and help you optimally with relevant opportunities.


Units which have availability will contact you within 2 weeks: discuss with them your future tasks. Inform Savi when your application is accepted. Y ou will then receive general guidelines to prepare your stay.


•  Preparing your visa to Auroville before departure

If you are non-Indian, a visa is required. As a general rule, the Immigration Office of India through its Regional Registration Office (RRO), controls who comes and stays on the Indian territory. For stays exceeding 6 months, you will have to register in their office of Pondicherry within 2 weeks of your arrival.


The visa request to come to India may take a long time, prepare it carefully, and check out the regulations in your own country.

Temporary announcement as of 15 Sept. 2013

"For French nationals, it seems that since a recent time there is an instruction not to deliver Tourist visa for people going to Auroville. Until we clarify and have confirmation on this information, we invite you to formulate your Tourist visa application with a mention of staying in Tamil Nadu or Pondicherry instead."


If you want to engage in a long term voluntary service (from 6 to 12 months), we can help you to obtain a category of visa, for which you need an invitation letter issued by Auroville. More instructions will be given when you get an agreement from us.

In all cases, you must familiarize yourself with the Indian Consular Services of your country.


•  Formalities upon your arrival

When you arrive in Auroville, make an appointment with Savi at Unity Pavilion, in the City Centre, next to Savitri Bhavan. One of the team members will meet you, register your stay and assist you in the first steps of your life in AV.

You will be given an Auroville Card connected with a personal Auroville internal account, to access many services and amenities. With this card you can pay for your meals and all your daily needs. The average budget of students for a basic living is around 13 to 15,000 INR per month (approximately $ 300 /Euros 250).


Savi organizes regular Introduction weeks which facilitate discovery and integration in Auroville.


•  Along with and at the end of your stay

All along your stay, the Savi team is available to the registered students and volunteers to support them in their learning journey.

At the end of the Auroville stay, we invite students for a personal assessment of the learning experience and final feedback.

Volunteers in Bhuddha Garden



For postgraduate students and academic researchers


Requests of academic or field researches are welcome. The application process is similar to the previous one, with an additional description of the purpose and content of the research. Our Savi team will help you to find the adequate contacts, to get the suitable documentation and support your stay; you will be required to send a copy of your work when finalized, as Auroville needs to archive all academic material for future research projects. Contact study@auroville.org.in



Educational organizations and institutions

Auroville also welcomes student exchange programs from Foreign Educational institutions and Universities. We offer support for program design. We also organize educational programs in collaboration with Auroville units focused on specific themes.

For special needs, please contact Shivaya (unity@auroville.org.in) or Dominique (study@auroville.org.in). Partnerships can be envisaged under certain conditions.



Opportunities for Professional Volunteers

Several Units of Auroville are keen on welcoming professionals and students interested to engage in their projects; they present below a picture of their needs and expectations.

More opportunities are available through Savi, which offer a complete package of services to registered volunteers. Contact study@auroville.org.in to know more details on available opportunities, after applying.

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