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Auroville Guest Service


Important !

To the visitor


Upstairs from the Solar Kitchen, is open to the public and provides information and guidance for guests who have begun their stay in Auroville.



We are open:


May to July :  
09.30 - 12:45 Mon Sat

August to April :
09.30 - 12:45 Mon Sat
14.00 - 17.00 Mon Wed, and Fri


Contact:   guestservice@auroville.org.in
                    +91 (0)413 262 2675


We welcome constructive comments or suggestions that might help us improve our service.



For accommodation advice and assistance please contact the Guest House Booking Office, at the Visitors' Centre,
phone: +91 (0)413 262 2704

email: guestaccommodation@auroville.org.in

or go to their website at Auroville Guest Houses






  Introduction to Auroville: A range of informative and interesting publications that you are very welcome to come and look through.

  Guest Participation Program : If you would like to get involved with Aurovilians and make a more active contribution to the life of Auroville, please visit our website

  Consultation: We give advice on various aspects of staying in Auroville and refer you, where appropriate, to others who may be able to help you better enjoy and benefit from your stay here.

  Communication Channel: The Guest Service takes feedback about your experience of Auroville seriously and will ensure it is directed to those best placed to respond.

  Events, Classes, Workshops and Cultural Activities that are open to guests are displayed on our noticeboard.

  Transport: Information on getting around Auroville and neighbouring areas.

  Guest Social Program: We are working on an idea to generate and coordinate an ongoing program of interesting events for guests. We welcome input from anyone willing to share their gifts, experience, skills and abilities with others.



Your first visit to Auroville?
Some useful links!


  Guest Active Participation Program : If you would like to get involved with Aurovilians and make a more active contribution to the life of Auroville, please visit
phone (0413)2622675

For placements of two months and over, visit SAVI .

  Transport: In Auroville we are trying to keep our central area as free as possible of heavy polluting vehicles, so we do not have the infrastructure to deal with large numbers of motorised vehicles. Please do not bring cars, vans, etc. For a taxi  from Chennai or Puducherry, to Auroville, contact Auroville Transport Service or Unity Transport Service.

Within Auroville you may rent a bicycle or motorised 2-wheeler.
Ask AVGuestService, please, for information and addresses.

For participating in evaluating electrical bicycles
contact SaraCon phone 2622973
and the email address is qutee@auroville.org.in

  Accommodation: For information and booking details go to Auroville Guest Houses or the Guest Accommodation Service office, upstairs at the Visitors' Centre;
guestaccommodation@auroville.org.in, +91 (0)413 262 2704. 
Guests wishing to stay between December and March, and the month of August (our busiest months) are strongly advised to book at least 6 months in advance, to ensure accommodation . 

  Visiting the Matrimandir: Before visiting the Matrimandir you will be required to view a brief introductory video at the  Visitors' Centre , after which you may collect your Visitor's Card. For further information click on Matrimandir .


•  Map:

enlarge map



Just arrived in Auroville ?


Visitors staying a day, or less, are recommended to go to the  Visitors' Centre for information about Auroville, the Matrimandir, Guest House facilities and various programmes for guests.

Meals are available at New Creation Corner , Roma's Kitchen and the   Visitors' Centre Cafeteria .

All Guests are required, after arranging their accommodation at a Guest House, to fill out an Arrival Form, before they can receive a Guest Card. A Guest Card allows the purchase of many goods and services in Auroville. Please note that the Solar Kitchen and some other restaurants in Auroville do not accept cash. Guests may, though, purchase Meal Coupons at the Guest Service and then eat at the community-run Solar Kitchen.

Guests who wish to stay in Aurovillle, with family or friends, are required to pay Rs100 per day, as a community contribution. This contribution is included in the price of accommodation for Guests staying in a Guest House. Those who have no account may pay directly to the Financial Service, where they will be given a Guest Card. It is the responsibility of any Aurovilian who houses a guest to make sure their guest is informed of this facility.

Any guest staying more than 1 week may, on production of their Guest Card, open a Guest Account at a Financial Services office (at the Town Hall or near Aspiration Community). With a Guest Account you can eat at any of the many  restaurants and kitchens , and use Auroville's services and activities.


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