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                        K a l a b h u m i

The Kalabhumi settlement was started with the aim to establish an ideal artists place. Its name means 'Land of Art'.

The Dream
The vision is to create a place where all arts and artists would intermingle.., a place beautiful in its surrounding, a place of silence and quietness, a place where Inspiration would find a direct contact with the human being, and with the earth.

There would be studios for every possible form of art and the artists would live together close by. There would be a cafeteria, a restaurant, and a gallery where their work would be on constant display.

Kalabhumi is in the making..


A typical Kalabhumi studio

                 The present reality

  • studios for:
    sculpture, painting, drawing, music practice
  • amphitheater with seating arrangements  for about 150 people
  • gallery for exhibitions, seminars and informationplatform:opening hours: Mo,Tue,Fri from 9-12 am, Sat & Sun from 2-5 pm
    contact: aleksejs@auroville.org.in


Interior of Rossella's sculpture studio

Rossella's workshop

View of the Kalabhumi amphitheatre and the music studio

Rolf, one of the musicians living in Kalabhumi

Fanny, one of the youth performing in Kalabhumi

Fanny performing with her brother Julian

Live concert of 'Les Paysans'

Sculpture by Ramesh, one of Kalabhumi's residents

Painting studio with lotus pond

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